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The UK is hosting the G7 2021 Summit in Carbis Bay near St Ives, Cornwall, South West England.

Cornwall is a very historic part of the British Isles with a long history in pagan worship, occult activity which is still active today. However Cornwall is also a county with a lot of spiritual heritage from the time of the Celtic saints through to John Wesley, William Haslam & Billy Bray – also in the 18th century, it was the premier tin mining field in the world. Today it is home to a number of houses of prayer & healing as part of a countywide prayer initiative and many mission centred churches and Christian agencies that are bringing the kingdom of God into their communities. It is also a county of outstanding natural beauty with world-renowned beaches and historic communities.

Leaders from the G7 countries - France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, UK, Canada, the EU and the guest countries Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa – bring their teams including advisors and security personnel. Between them they represent 2.3 billion people and have great influence in the rest of the world.

This will be the first time leaders have physically met for 2 years with other G7 meetings on Finance, Health, Trade, Technology, Foreign Affairs and Development taking place across the UK throughout the year.

This will be the first global summit for President Joe Biden, the last for Chancellor Angela Merkel and the first physical gathering since Brexit. The G7 agenda, set by Boris Johnson, includes research into speeding up of new vaccines; united efforts in rebuilding economies following Covid; nations response to climate change; championing global shared values. They may also include children’s education in the developing world.

To understand more about the G7, its root development and purpose, you can visit these links:

Whilst none of the decisions made at the summit are binding, they set the tone for the direction of world political leadership for the coming year and establish a level of accountability.  Meetings normally happen yearly, however the last meeting was cancelled due to COVID travel restrictions.  This meeting, therefore, sits in the context of a scarred and transformed world, very different to that addressed in the previous conference in Biarritz in 2019 which focused on foreign policy areas such as Iran, Libya, Ukraine and Hong Kong.

The Leaders Attending in 2021:

Boris Johnson - Prime Minister of The UK, G7 Host.
Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister, Canada
Emmanuel Macron - President of France
Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany
Mario Draghi - Prime Minister of Italy
Yoshihide Suga - Prime Minister of Japan
Joe Biden - President of America.
Ursula von der Leyon - President of the European Commission.
Charles Michel - European Council President
Scott Morrison - Prime Minister of Australia
Kim Boo-kyum - Prime Minister of South Korea
Narendra Modi - Prime Minister of India
Cyril Ramaphosa - President of South Africa

Security & Locations:

There will be a large deployment of police, armed forces and security personnel in the whole area.

Carbis Bay Hotel: Accommodation and conference base
Tregenna Castle Hotel, St Ives: Accommodation and conference facilities
Newquay Airport: Transport base
Falmouth: Press and media base and accommodation

There will also be a large media presence.

Four sites have been agreed where peaceful and lawful protest can take place:
Plymouth: The Hoe.
Exeter: Flowerpots Playing Fields.
Falmouth: Church Street Car Park.
Truro: Boscawen Park.

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